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All of us are striving toward greatness. However, despite our best efforts, we often fail to achieve the things we want. It could be anything from materialistic or aesthetic needs. Most people are comfortable with a modest standard of living, but there are some of us like you who yearn for more.At Dream Out Loudd, I will assist you in identifying and achieving your objectives, as well as boosting your sense of self-worth and realizing your full potential. We will work together to narrow down your focus, find solutions, and sketch out a plan for how to get there by breaking each step down into manageable steps. You will not believe your eyes when you witness the tangible effects!

About Things Collected Along The Way

Things Collected Along the Way is the first book of Wykinnya Whitehurst. In this masterpiece, she imparts valuable lessons on how she survived painful and unpleasant circumstances that she encountered during her life. As you flip through the pages, you will observe that her heart is spilled out on every page to motivate readers so that they can stand tall in the face of adversity. If you are keeping up with mounting challenges in your life, you are not alone in your struggles because God has sent hope to you via Wykinnya’s Things Collected Along The Way.

You Hold The Ultimate Power

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I will push you to get out of your comfort zone and find out what it is that you actually want and what is keeping you from getting it.

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Dream Out Loudd is here to provide you with the necessary resources, direction, and support.

Golden Nuggets: For This Thing Called Life:

Throughout our journey through life, we have come across a wide range of experiences, both positive and negative. Those encounters also contain lessons intended to instruct and direct us on what we should or should not do. Having learned the lessons life is attempting to teach us, we will never again have to deal with them. Even if we fail to understand the lesson, it doesn’t simply disappear. It’s a recurring theme that’ll follow you through your entire life. Things Collected Along the Way is a collection of lessons and experiences Wykinnya has learned throughout her life.


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